Online Concealed Weapons Certification

This course is recognized by the State of Florida as fulfilling the training required to apply for a concealed weapons or firearms license. You will be introduced to the fundamentals of handling a firearm and the basic laws pertaining to carrying a gun in Florida. The instructor is required by law to witness you discharge a live round which is included!

This “Multi-State” Florida Concealed Weapons License is valid in 38 States!

Florida Concealed Weapons Online Class


Due to the CDC and Florida regulations, we have made some temporary changes to our group setting classes. This CCW certification course will be conducted in 2 steps.

Step 1

The “Theory” portion of this class will take place ONLINE via video conference. Upon registration, the instructor will send you the online credentials to login on the date of the course. Zoom gives you the option to use your computer or smartphone. This virtual class requires a camera to be on during the class. The instructor’s goal is to make sure that everyone’s questions will be answered.

Step 2

Upon completing “Step 1,” the instructor will provide you with a link to book your 15-minute “in-person” appointment to cover the final step of this certification course. You will be required to demonstrate firearms proficiency and discharge a live round into a tank, which is all included.

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If you completed (Step 1) Click Here to make your (Step 2) appointment.