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Tactical Shooting & Dynamics Class (Entry-Level)

Category: Firearms Training

This tactical shooting class will take at the Homestead training center. This course requires you to have “Basic firearms safety certification” which is $20 by appointment only.

The basic tactical shooting level will teach you all the shooting fundamentals needed to advance into high levels of expertise with a firearm in threatening situations.

Unsafe Student Ejection Policy:
We have a PERFECT safety record – and we plan to keep it that way. We reserve the right to ask anyone not observing the safety rules, not displaying the appropriate attitude, or under the influence of controlled substances to leave the classroom and/or range with no refund. Our student’s safety is our top concern – and this policy has been put in place to protect you.

Liability Waiver and Prohibitive Persons: Students will be required to fill out a liability waiver and sign a statement certifying they are the following:

  • ARE over 18 years of age (if under 18, a legal guardian must sign the waiver and register and attend the course alongside minor)
  • ARE a United States citizen or Permanent Legal Resident (Green Card)
  • Are NOT a convicted felon that has not been annulled or pardoned
  • Are NOT under indictment in any court for a crime punishable by imprisonment for a term exceeding one year
  • Are NOT a fugitive from justice
  • Are NOT using or are addicted to any unlawful controlled substances
  • Are NOT adjudicated as a mental defective or have been committed to any mental institution.
  • Are NOT under a court order restraining you from harassing, stalking, or threatening somebody
  • Have NOT have been discharged from the military under dishonorable conditions
  • Have NOT renounced their United States citizenship
  • Have NOT been convicted of a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence

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